Action Composites at JEC WORLD 2018

JEC WORLD is the Leading International Composites show and is no doubt the International Innovation Event in the field of composites. Action Composites took place of JEC WORLD 2018 and got very good result. So many visitors showed their interest in our show car parts and commented they are very precise and unique carbon fiber car parts. Even better, we were so proud that our " Mass production of CFRP stabilizers and drop links" got nominated from the JEC Innovation Award. This is result from our strong team work support, intelligent and hardworking people, as well as our good friendship with Porsche. These JEC Innovation Award nomination stabilizers both front and rear were the first time made of carbon in mass production, also with their coupling rods, are of outstanding performance.This is a big motivation for us, leads us to work even harder and help us grow continuously. We trust ourselves, trust the composites future, and trust composites will bring human being more and more good and useful applications.