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Exterior Class A

Visual Carbon Fibre Components.

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defining new limits

CFRP components from ACTION COMPOSITES open up totally new perspectives in the area of conflict between function and aesthetics. Any geometries and a whole range of different design languages can be realised without the slightest compromises in functionality and suitability for practical application.
Therefore there is no limit to the design of components in vehicle construction.
From Class A Visual Parts to stunning ACTION BIONIC CARBON, an extreme lightweight construction using the topological approach.

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pushing the laws of physics

Our carbon coil springs are characterized by fewer unsprung mass and thus reduced transmission of vibrations. This leads not only to an improvement in driving characteristics but also to an increased sense of comfort inside of the vehicle. So, particularly in electric vehicles, the use of carbon coil springs can generate considerable noise damping.

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extending horizons

We understand the material that we work with and know what it is capable of. Our expertise allows for target concept design, development and prototype and series production of any product you want in almost any design you want. In tough test series we optimise every component so that it withstands any expected load.


A 20% reduced wheel mass alongside a 20% increase in stiffness and strength are outstanding characteristics when being compared to the series configuration.

The innovations related to the core technologies as well as the production processes lead to a reduction of unsprung mass in addition to the improved transmission of longitudinal and transverse forces.


The hybrid wheel is the combination of two materials. The lightweight material CFRP on the one hand leads to an effective weight reduction. Steel is used where the wheel has to withstand high mechanical and thermal stress. A particular challenge in the production of metal-CFRP hybrid components is the different coefficients of thermal expansion of the individual materials.


By fully cladding the wheel with our blades, the creation of air turbulence is prevented. The resulting reduced air resistance has a positive effect on the range, especially for electric vehicles.

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Our carbon stabilizers and coupling rods are CFRP solutions in the field of
chassis manufacturing to be used in series production motor
vehicles. They weigh less than half the equivalent steel
It opens new possibilities in the area of construction, design and